Tere Coats† -† Clarinet

Herb Holland-† Saxophone

Sean Newton† -† Trumpet

Monte Price† -† Trombone

Dave Stoddard† -† Valve Trombone

Johnny Serrano† -† Plectrum Banjo

Todd Hay-† Banjo

Tom Straus† -† Banjo

Jim Schwobel† -† Tuba

Luther Keeler† -† Drums


...with occasional

special performances by:


David Jellema† -† Clarinet/Trumpet

Larmon Maddox-† Cornet

Jimmy Vence† -† Guitar

Dan Augustine† -† Tuba


†...and from time-to-time,

other outstanding musicians.

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Performing and Preserving Traditional Dixieland Jazz in Austin, Texas

Carousel Lounge

†(click for map and driving directions)




This unique venue is one of Austinís oldest lounges

and the atmosphere is about as laid-back as you can get.


If you have not been to the Carousel Lounge,

this is your opportunity to see what lounges were like in Austin during the 1960s.


Beer, wine and set-ups are available. This means you can bring your own liquor bottle!

Update # 37


Last update:

January 31, 2014


Scheduled performances




Friday, January 31, 2014

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Carousel Lounge, 1110 E. 52nd